Nigeria and Cameroun to sign pact on dam

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 A MEMORANDUM of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Nigeria and Cameroun on the management of water from Ladgo Dam.

A diplomatic source confirmed to The Guardian Thursday that the technical mission to Cameroun on the issue of Ladgo Dam would visit the country to discuss modalities for managing water resources.

Unregulated water released from Ladgo Dam located 50km south of the City of Garoua on the Benue River caused huge flooding in Nigeria in September. Cameroun, meanwhile, has set up a team of experts, which has also prepared a MoU for the same purpose.

The official said the MoUs from the two countries would be presented at the meeting, adding that if the parties agreed on the issues raised, it would be signed. Lake Nyos lies close to the axis of the Cameroun volcanic line, which extends 1,500km from the Gulf of Guinea through South-Western Cameroun and into Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroun.

The UN Environment Programme and Office of the Human Affairs commissioned a study on the lake in September 2005 and the findings indicated that Lake Nyos might collapse within five to 10 years

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