Village Headmaster” Master tapes thrown into lagoon

villaIT’S going to take a miracle for the much demanded return of the popular “Village Headmaster” television drama to get back on air as the master tape has been thrown into the ocean.

Forget reports that serious attempts are being made to bring the popular programme back on air, one of the artistes who played prominent roles on, and behind scene, Dejumo Lewis, exclusively told R in Lagos that the master tape had been destroyed by some people who never wanted the socio-cultural drama to be viewed by Nigerians again.

Bitter Lewis, who played the role of Kabiyesi of Oja village in the programme, urged Nigerians to say bye-bye to Village Headmaster “as the master tapes of more than half of the entire episode had been thrown into the lagoon.”

Describing those going through the motions in NTA as regards the return as hypocrites, Lewis said majority of some people there are not telling the truth about the situation on ground.

“They tell the world that they are doing everything to get Village Headmaster back to please its millions of viewers, but they are working underground to ensure it doesn’t come back. The Village Headmaster, as we knew it, is gone with the lagoon forever., he said.

“They now plan to shoot “New Village Headmaster”and have sidelined all those who were part of the drama, replacing them with upcoming neophites.

“I have no problem with mixing young and old acts, but using untrained upcoming acts will not work.I even hear that they’ve changed the entire concept and planned to use it to promote only one side, and that is the government side. No longer will Village Headmaster fight the cause of the oppressed, inform the public. The new Village Headmaster is going to be a propaganda tool which I won’t support. Even the late Amb. Segun Olusola would not”, he added.

He also told R that a popular ANTP actor and executive member had been contracted and he has agreed to play Kabiyesi role, just as a close friend of his, who loves to be seen all the time, has accepted to play the role of Chief.

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