The Igbo Idea of God By Egbufama Chike

A supersonic glance on this topic brings to mind two salient questions. Does the Ibos have an idea of God? If they do what is he called? I set my face against such notions that theistic thinking came with Christianity because very interesting to know that the transition was not that they never had an idea of God.

Suffices to say that our idea of God was more supreme (reverential) than the trivialized idea of God that has been invested upon us today. Theistic thought-frame is embedded in the Igbo culture and customs such that it is the stuff which their spirituality and identity is made of. One of the aims here is to debunk the view of African theistic tabula-rasa or absence of the idea of a supreme being as held by western culpable armchair anthropologists that often to their surprise that they did not need to argue for the existence of God … for these fundamentals of the world are deeply rooted in Africa three religions

Clarification of terms

IGBOS: (also Ibo) People living in parts of western Africa, especially in southeastern Nigeria. This is a tribe in Nigeria located within latitude 5-7 degrees north of the equator and longitude 6-8 degrees east of the Greenwich line. Ibos have an enriched cultural and traditional Heritage.

IBO (language) it is one of the groups of the Niger-Congo family of African languages. Ibo is spoken by about 17 million people.

GOD (Chi): A being in a religion. Especially in monotheisms religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity and African traditional religion, a single God is considered the creator or source of everything that exists and is spoken of in terms of perfect attributes—for instance, infinitude, immutability, eternity, goodness, knowledge (omniscience), and power (omnipotence). Most religions traditionally ascribe to God certain character traits that can be understood either literally or metaphorically, such as will, love, anger, and forgiveness.

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