Is this what “sharia” is about?

shariaI am imperfect and I have imperfect children, in-fact my wife and I had a meeting with one of our son’s teacher this weeks for deliberate break in communication (aka lying),

when I ask this son why he always said “no homework” when he had home work, his reply was “I want to play”, we fixed that with consequences. At the same time we challenged him on what he has learnt in bible studies, and to always remember that even when daddy or mummy is not present, God is. I remember telling a few lies when I was this son’s age.

shariaHuman nature looks for the easy way out of situations, Most African countries have adapted to a culture of corruption (from government officials stealing to 419 and yahoo boys) that we have no clue how to defeat (or better still we don’t want to defeat), because of poverty. The country of Iceland never had a street riot in 15 years, but the current economic turmoil has brought the people out of homes to the streets protesting against their government for days, in record setting cold weather. In America two investment bankers faked their own death (one even crashed a $2 million jet) to avoid being persecuted; they both failed and are now in police net.

1.Announcing the sentence
2. Ready to execute 3. Started the execution  
sharia sharia sharia  
4. In the process    5. Executed  
sharia   sharia  

When times are tough people are creative in ways of surviving, some chose good creativity, while others choose criminal ways. Law makers in responsible countries make laws to punish appropriately and also rehabilitate the offender, especially if he/she is a minor. Iran is a country that has been under economic isolation for many years because of their policies and threats, it however seems the economic blockade is not affecting the government but its populace. Anyone (Iranian) who dare challenge the government about how the populace is suffering ends up in jail.

Poverty has turned many Iranian children into street beggars and some steal to exist (I’m not condoning stealing). Rather than provide avenues to take care of these children, the custodian of government in Iran are carrying out lop sided consequences (for poor kids), what they call “Sharia Law”, with the no room for grace or rehabilitation

ShariaBad behavior deserves appropriate consequences (perhaps this child needed a privilege taken away or some ass whooping). Laws cannot save human soul nor can it help our infirmities as humans; laws are mirrors that points out our sin. Laws are supposed to be deterrents, they never change human mind. Change comes from the heart, with gradual transformation and renewal of the mind. (For Christians, which I am one, an encounter with Christ, who died and rose for our sins, bring about the change of heart and the mind renewal). Forgiveness and grace are strong principles in Christianity. In my 17+ years as a prison clergy volunteer, I have seen the grace of God in action – today I know ex-convicts who are good citizens. A great and well known example is Dr. Chuck Olson, the founder of Prison Fellowship (In America).

I have nothing against Islam, but I do have serious problems with “Sharia” laws if the pictures below are what Sharia is about. Is this what Islam is about? I welcome comments from Muslims on this forum.

I know this for a fact; all of us reading this article (including the person holding the boy down) at his age have stolen something or told a lie, so we all should be walking around with one arm or a missing tongue.

Is this the Sharia law that Arch-Bishop Rowan (the bishop of Canterbury) said would not affect British jurisprudence?

 I am not happy

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