Son murders father over land

A Sri Lankan man has been arrested for killing his 50-year-old father over a disagreement over property.

The younger man, according to Emirate247, hit the father on the head with a rod and then used a kitchen knife to slit the man's throat.

The Aranayake police division said the son had hit the father with a pole and when he fell on the ground, he had cut down the victim’s neck with a knife to death.

The victim has identified as Sellaih Sivegnanasundarama, was watering plants in his home alongside his wife when an argument broke out between him and his wife and his son who was inside the house, upon hearing the commotion, came out and promptly hit the father with a pole thinking that the he was yelling at him. Thereafter he slashed the man’s neck with a knife.

Police said that they have arrested the suspect and revealed that there had been a dispute between the father and the son over land for some time.

Aranayake police, while conducting investigations, has made arrangements to produce the suspect before Mawanella magistrate court.

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