Finland: Doing Business in Nigeria Seminar -5th Nov, 2010

Doing business in Nigeria seminar( SARURDAY 5th of November 2010 marked the first information sharing  session of Finnish companies with the team of Nigerians in Finland. This Initiative group called Business Lab Nigerian Team organized a business conference that attracted the attention of many Nigerian and Nigerian leaders in Scandinavia and Finnish Directors of different companies in Finland.

The theme of the conference was DOING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. Nevertheless, the initiative was created by the Association of Nigerian Students Finland Chapter as a way of rebranding Nigeria and brings development home.

The team of organizers made wonderful effort to unveil to the Finns the untapped opportunities that swim in the ocean of Nigerian market. The President of the Organisation by name  Nnamdi  was too direct while talking to the people. According to him, Nigeria as country has what it takes to be the giant of Africa looking at its cultural heritage and dynamism, the most populated in African with strong natural endowments. He also made an interesting point that the canker warm that cripples the nation`s movement to development is the so called lack of steady electricity.

However, the Business Conference received a colorful present of the Nigerian Ambassador to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway by name Mrs. Naomi Chukwumaeze. In her presentation during the conference, she made the Finns understood that the issue of security which has been a dangerous alarm in Nigerian is being worked on if not tackled. In the seminar also were some notable participants like  Finpro representative, Finpartneship, and Nigerians like Anthony Sopuruchi Anih(African Gateway, Golden Pageant),Gusion Consulting Director, Mr. Macdonald Oguike and many others. etc

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