Mr. Onwutalobi Anthony-Claret in Germany and Denmark

Hamburg (CGN) Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi speaking to some members of Codewit Global Network in Germany about what motivates him as a person and  some ask him why he founded codewit and why he  writes, others ask him, “why even bother?” Well, to them both he says, “I don’t know”. “All I know, and am absolutely sure of, is that the written word is an art and a science; and that there is no worse abortion than the destruction of a pregnant idea which is only given birth to in definitive form when such is submitted to the records of posterity. by forming this movement, he believes and hope that every reader comes away with a refreshing perspective, be it on politics, human interactions or international relations. A world where we all do our part, and strive to leave the earth better than we met it, is one with less not more government. But, more and definitely more, encompassing compassion and empathy: in words, actions and vision” later he was asked what is his stand on racism among people of color. He said Race is just a mere idea and people who engage in such behavior to hate others because of their color are suffering from complexes that we must avoid them if need be. the n he said that not every body is racist. we must learn to love those who hate us becauseInside every human is hidden a fire of divine qualities, simply touch the molten tip with all your heart and it will immediately set ablaze?

The above two lines sum up Mr. Claret philosophy of life, Claret believes that all human beings are potentially divine. He believes that nothing is impossible for any human to achieve. As commented by Mr. Claret,” that his purpose in life is to realize true Self. One spark is enough.”

Claret believes in the Universality of Brotherhood. When each one of us has the same soul within, of what importance are the outward differences and colors of skin? His travels across the world and meeting people of varied types and temperaments have convinced him that the difference is only outwardly. All human beings have the same basic need and craving for love. That’s all that matters! We are all blessings of the same divine spirit! Who is there to hate?

Mr. Claret has said that he wants to spread the message of happiness to the people of the world and would like to collectively redefine the image of Africa among the west. On this issue, he told the group to be true ambassadors of Africa in every thing they do overseas and he admonished everyone to carry the message far and wind, inside every heart of people we meet.

In conclusion, he says that he would like to make a dent of difference on the image of Africa during his short stay on earth. In his words, he said that “Wealth and success alone is not going to satisfy him but shall not rest until he has realized his full potential. There’s a lot to do…a long way to go!”{linkr:related;keywords:onwutalobi;limit:5;title:Related Articles}

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