Yuguda Urges Nigerians to Pray for Solution Against Insurgency

The Bauchi State Governor, Malam Isa Yuguda, has again appealed to Nigerians to put aside politics and their differences and pray for the Nigerian leadership to have unusual tact, courage, wisdom and understanding to tackle the current insurgency in the country.
Yuguda told journalists in an interview in Abuja at the weekend that with the increasing threats to the unity and stability of the country, what well-meaning Nigerians could do now “is to pray together and rally round President Goodluck Jonathan to successfully steer the ship of the country at this critical moment.
According to him, it was now clear that the present insurgency in the country was a common enemy to all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, creed, class, region or religion, state or status, maintaining that not even the sex, age or political party of any Nigerian means anything to the insurgents.
“A common enemy requires a common response. This common response should start with our collective prayers for the leadership of the country. This is not the time to trade blames but a time for prayers for our leaders, our country, the victims, their families, ourselves and particularly our brave soldiers.
“At this critical moment, let us all pray for unusual wisdom and understanding for the president to address the present situation in the country efficiently and effectively,” he said.
The governor called for the prayers of all Nigerians especially for the military and all security agencies in the country in order to adopt the right attitude of victory capable of effectively dislodging the current threats to Nigeria’s unity and stability.
He cautioned against despair in the ongoing war against terror, noting that the insurgents had so far largely employed fear as a tool to cow the nation into submission. “I want to assure you that we are winning this battle against terror. Fear should be neutralised at all the levels of decision making and execution.
The insurgents perhaps believe they understand the psychology of Nigerians and that we are traumatised right now. So they want to spread fear.
“Imagine the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in one swoop in Chibok, Borno State. Imagine the audacity, imagine the confusion. This is to instil fear and when fear comes in, it blocks the mind totally.
It creates chaos and confusion.
“Let me therefore urge all Nigerians to rise above such possible fear.  We will surely see the back of these evil people. But let us pray that God should give President Jonathan the unusual courage to lead us safely and soundly out of this trying times,” Yuguda said.
The governor also contended that since Islam and Christianity recognise constituted authority, all Nigerians should continue to pray for the present leadership now.
“Islam, like Christianity, he said, believes in the sanctity of all souls, men, women, children, young  and old, and that killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity.
“So let us all rally around the president right now. A common enemy is a common enemy. We are all involved. These terror merchants are our common enemy. Politics cannot be everything. We need collective prayers and collective action so that the common enemy does not divide us,” Yuguda told journalists.

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