EgyptAir, Foundation to Treat Children with Cancer

Egypt Air said it has entered into partnership with the Help to Heal Foundation(HFF), to promote better treatment for children living with the cancer.
Speaking to journalists in Lagos,  EgyptAir General Manager, Mr. Khaled El Rafie, said the airline has remained a longstanding sponsor of a similar project in Egypt which has a world-class hospital known as 57357 that is specially established to treat children with cancer.
As part of the agreement to support the initiative in Nigeria, he said the Cairo based airline has accepted to work with the  HHF to choose an existing hospital in Nigeria in an effort to upgrade its infrastructure mainly in the Pediatric Cancer Section.
He  said that the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has been chosen for the exercise, adding that it has entered into a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Head of the Pediatric section of the hospital Prof. Adebola Akinsule, who would represent the health institution, to offer professional advice and help drive the process. 
“We have already agreed with  Akinsule  that we will upgrade the Cancer Section and invest to buy some missing materials which are urgently needed,” he said.
Meanwhile as part of activities to help raise donations for the  HFF, the airline said it will sponsor a charity concert tagged: Pediatric Cancer Concert.
El Rafie  said: “We have  been supporting and partnering with the foundation from inception this is our first event and in the future, we are going to have more events to be able to gather sufficient money that will be donated to help carry on with the activities of the Foundation. We are looking towards building an ultra-modern hospital to help the children with cancer. We are not particularly concerned about how much we are going to raise but to have enough money where we will be able to build a befitting hospital for the Nigerian children suffering from the sickness.”
He explained that  the government was not funding the programme  but to have allowed  the airline to have the foundation is enough support.
“We should not put everything on government. Let us leave government alone with the affairs of the state and providing infrastructure. Let us assume our responsibility and let us protect the children,” he said.
He disclosed  that it has the  royal backing of the Oba of Lagos, who he said has  donated a parcel of land to build the hospital.
“So I want to encourage all Nigerians to donate generously towards the construction of the hospital to help children with cancer in the country,” he said.

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