The role of a Christian youth in the campaign of the rebranding of Nigeria.

The grinding poverty and starvation with which our country is afflicted amidst plenty resources naturally endowed, such plague that drives more and more men every year into the ranks of the beggars. Whose desperate struggle for bread renders them insensible to all feelings of decency and self respect. And our so called philanthropists instead of providing work for them and insisting on their working for bread give them alms. Above all these my dear friends in this same predicament We must develop a strong faith in the destiny of Nigeria as a nation. Each country needs a founding father or a group of founding fathers. Like individuals countries also need to be guided into their destiny.
This usually happens when God imbibes brothers and sisters the heart so burdened with desire to pay the price and make the sacrifice for the transformation and development of that nation. Indira Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Lee kuan yew of Singapore, Abraham Lincoln and others of Africa. Somebody or a group need to build a faith in the redirecting of a nation and willing to pay the price because faith in the destiny of a nation is a critical success factor for the development of a nation. Higher in urgency is the need to build a new value system that will instill confidence in the citizens.
Here lies the duty of the true catholic youth in Nigeria. Nigeria needs a beam of Light, a youth who life is a disturbing presence to the corrupt minds of the society like Nigeria, where wealth of natural resources is redefined as national loot, children and mothers dying like fleas in the hospitals, daughters turning to professional prostitutes while sons take to crime. Jobs are scarce and frustrated youths walk across deserts and get drown in high seas in attempt to escape an economy that has failed, a government that have failed in taking care of her citizens. What role then if not a reminder of virtues can a catholic youth play in a country where the seed of financial corruption has been planted in the fifties germinated in the sixties, at about the 80s it begot fruits and 90s it turned into a monster and as the 2000s sets in it emerged like a goliath stand before the nation, where then is our David. Arise the catholic youth, wake from your lukewarmness and dogmatic slumber that it is not your duty.
we cannot afford to stand on the sandy soil of evangelism vacation without putting to rest the scourge of corruption as an obstacle in the present paradigm shift in thinking. Arise and fight for the cause of re-branding our country Nigeria( all rise and sing with one voice like the Israelites sang the Zion’s song may it be in record that today we have taken up the mandate not to let the labor of our heroes past in vain Arise) Like the Amstel Malta Advert make your act last. You are God’s power house. You have the sole and automatic mandate to re-brand Nigeria because the mouth that has eaten is committed the now fighters of corruption are the culprits so they are unclean and as it they have little to offer.{youtubejw}h5bbjGo34-o{/youtubejw}

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